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Q. How long is the hire period?

A. Our Large Inflatables, Jungle World, Iron Man and the Mighty Titanic are all day hires with a minimum of 4 hours uptime. It takes about 2.5 hours to erect inflate and and pack up, so actual playtime is from 4 to 6 hours.

Q. Can we have the inflatable overnight?

A. Yes we have inflatables that we can hire overnight. The price will be dependent upon which inflatable you choose. If the large Inflatables are required AwesomeAir will need to have qualified staff on hand for supervising and maintaining the inflatables. Our smaller units are suitable for overnight hire and price will be discussed at time of booking.

Q Do you deliver? 

A Yes AwesomeAir deliver the inflatables to your site with qualified staff who will setup the inflatable for you. We pick up at the end of the hire period.

Q. Do you stay and supervise? 

A. Yes AwesomeAir always has qualified staff on site to supervise and operate our large attractions. Our smaller hire units do not need our staff to supervise however we will provide this service if required and will advise the cost for this at time of booking.

Q. I have booked what happens now? 

A. After you have booked our operations manager will contact you to make sure the site is safe to erect the inflatables.

Q. What happen when it rains?

A. Awesome Air can operate in moderate weather, however if we are unable to operate AwesomeAir will either provide the inflatable on another day or will refund your deposit. If Awesome Air has already erected the inflatable and started operating there will be no refund.

Q. Can the inflatables operate in windy conditions?

A Yes AwesomeAir can operate in moderate windy conditions but over 50 km/hr the inflatables must be deflated.

Q. Do I have to pay a bond or deposit?

A.. Yes at time of booking a 50% deposit is required with the balance paid prior to delivery of the inflatable to your venue.

Q. How do I pay?

A. Direct payment into our AwesomeAir bank account.

Q. Do the inflatables have to go on grass?

A. No, our AwesomeAir inflatables can be erected most places as long there are suitable tie downs available to ensure safe operation. If required we will call to inspect your venue to advise the best position to erect and operate the inflatable.

Q. Can the inflatables fit indoors?

A. Yes depending on which inflatable is required and the size of the indoor area in which you want the inflatable to be erected. We will check your venue and advise you if this is required. Please ask at time of booking.

Q. Why are Awesome Airs inflatables the best choice for my event?

A. Awesome Air inflatables are the best choice for any event that needs high energy adrenaline filled attractions with highly skilled staff to make sure you day goes without a hitch!

Q. You say your inflatables have a range of safety features can you be more specific?

A. Awesome Air inflatables are fully maintained and are operated by our highly skilled staff who are trained in all aspects of the health and safety requirements. Our staff will provide instructions to all patrons on the safety requirements before allowing entry to any of the inflatables. Any person not following these rules will be asked to leave with no exceptions as AwesomeAir takes its operational safety very seriously and will not allow any breaches.


"To provide an Awesome Experience for Kids of all ages in a Professional, Safe and Fun Environment where imaginations are set free."

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